The portrayal of women in American TV commercials

Although this article is pretty lengthy its a great article on showing how men and women are both portrayed in American television commercials. The article states that Television is one of the biggest areas needed for investigation on the portrayal of how women are seen because over 95% of Americans have at least one television set in their homes. One of the statistics that stood out to me was when the article states that approximately 20% of TV air time goes to commercials and by the age of 17 the average view has seen over 350,000 commercials! I also enjoyed how this article laid out the differences between how men are portrayed as opposed to the women in certain commercials.

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This is a great article and does an amazing job showing the difference between how women are portrayed in mens magazines compared to women’s magazines. Advertizing is one of the biggest factors when it comes to selling magazines. The one thing I really enjoyed about the article is how it states that none-the-less the women in both men and women articles are very beautiful.

The article talks about a major magazine that I’m sure many of you have heard of “Cosmo”. They take two different ads and explains how the advertising in these ads give a different perspective that many of the readers see.

The article also talks about condom commercials and how in a specific ad for Maximum the commercial began when a women was giving a man a lap dance and the women is wearing nothing but panties that are barely noticeable.

Advertising companies use this shock factor to make the reader pay more attention to their ad. But this also sends another message to the reader. It says that it is okay for women to exploit their bodies. But most cultures seem to refute this message. Many cultures consider the body a temple and it should be respected. This creates a mixed message between what the media says is ok and what our culture says is ok.

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This article is a great article conducted by 8 students and they do a very good job discussing how women are portrayed in the different types of visual arts. Music videos are a huge factor in how women are portrayed as sex objects. According to the article, Rap music is the biggest factor when it comes to women being portrayed as sex objects. One of the quotes from the article that I found very interesting was:

Many of the videos are directed by men who have concocted an image of
the “perfect” woman. “A woman who is beautiful, sensuous and ready to
be seduced at any time is the type of person for the job” (Duquaine).
Clearly, these scenes hurt the image of women by generating a dangerous
gender stereotype. Viewers are under this false impression that all
women want this title. Women in our society have historically fought
for equality and certain music videos derail all the progress that has been made.

Women also play a huge role when it comes to films. The article states that one of the main factor men look for when picking out a film is the appearance of those women who are featured in the selected film.

It is often said “you can’t judge a book by its cover” however, when some men go to purchase a movie or go to the cinema, one of the deciding factors of which movie to watch is based on what female will be featured.

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